Saturday, July 30, 2016

Church Abuse Should be a Crime.

     Welcome to #ChurchCrimes. I hope you were able to find us from what was formerly "Stop Church Hurt." Ross Balmer and Karen Delinski will be writing content and moderating this page as an awareness of what Church abuse is.
      Church abuse is particularly hard on Christians. We show up to church ready to believe and ready to serve others for the good of humanity and the reputation of Jesus. We throw ourselves into a body of believers thinking that these people are like a wonderful extended family. For some this continues on, but for many people, this relationship turns painfully toxic and laden with abuse. The pastor that was so eager to be your new shepherd, friend, and guide now has turned, judge, jury, and executioner. This often leaves the church member with feelings of hurt, confusion, and sometimes PTSD.
     My experiences with church abuse started when I was very small. I was raised in a fundamentalist cult and sent to school at a Christian school within that cult. I am left with scars and neurosis that I will chronicle as I continue on in this blog. My fellow blogger, Ross Balmer, is my partner and counter point. He was raised by people who let him choose what he wanted to believe and ended up athest. He has a completely outside view on the church. From his perspective, things are not very pretty either. He will share his ideas on views on the damage of church from a uniquely outsider perspective.
     Thank you so much for your interest. As we start up, I will be bringing my own content from Stop Church Hurt and will be writing on several topics having to do with church hurt including how I came to atheism and the damage done to my sexual development. I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

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